“Brave”- A Memoir: Tells my story of growing up in poverty and isolation and my path to success. It is an inside look from a family on welfare. Our story is one of survival on food stamps, Medicaid, WIC vouchers, and government commodities. It also chronicles emotional abuse and depression. It’s a story of victory and what happens when confidence breaks through shame to show your real worth.

Release Date:  January 26, 2017

“Down South: A Collection of Recipes from My Mother” is a cookbook with home-style recipes that I learned as a girl by being in the kitchen with my mother.  Creativity, order, and generosity , are some of the things I learned in her kitchen. And of course, how to make cornbread, banana pudding, cook collard greens and so much more.

“Unlikely Billionaire” is a story of a young woman’s rise from poverty to become a billionaire in the food industry. It’s a short, inspirational, and easy read. Available in Ebook.

What Readers Said About “Brave – A Memoir”:

“I will be even more sensitive to the unseen circumstances that my students may be going through at home”. Your book is a remarkable inside view. I recommend to all, especially teachers.”

“This is a riveting, honest story about triumph over abuse.  I highly recommend it!” 

“You are indeed brave!”

“Your story is an inspiration!”   I highly recommend this book!    

“You are brave and bold to tell your story. May God continue to bless you to help others. More people should read this book!”    

“I cried, I laughed at your humor in difficult situations, I cried some more. This is a brilliant book! I highly recommend it!”  

“Despite your circumstances, you continued to love. You triumphed!”

“I couldn’t stop reading it! From the first chapter, I was in awe!

“Excellently written! Engaging. Honest. Heartbreaking. But in the end, Inspiring!!”

“I started your book last night and stayed up all night reading it. It touched me on so many levels. I have always respected you, but after reading your book, I have even more respect for you. You are Brave!!!”

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