Prayer Life

I am so glad that prayer is a central part of my life.  Yesterday we got a call from the school that my son had cut his head on the playground.  Anytime the words “cut his head” are used, it does not sound good. I put down the phone and told my husband. He is

4 Ways to Know Your Purpose

Where talent and passion collide, that is your purpose.  Let me tell you what I mean: All of us want to feel like we are doing something that matters. Some search for a  sign, an arrow pointing in the direction they need to follow.  Let me tell you a secret, there are no signs.  The

Good Morning

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. Mind over matter, lol. But true! I washed my face and made a cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer, grabbed my phone to read my daily scripture that comes to my email.   And after a few minutes, I was saying, “Let’s go!”.  I took extra time curling my