I am a Survivor

There has been a lot of talk about sexual assault over the last year or so.  But it has been a major problem for a long time.  It is a shame that women must think for themselves and for men too when it comes to civil behavior.  Victims are often blamed for the atrocious behavior of the person who assaulted them.  Or they are told to be quiet about it. Or worse, they face embarrassment, threats, or fear of losing their livelihood if they tell.  Sadly, young girls face the negative effects sexual assault.  This often leads to low-self esteem, suicidal thinking, and behaviors that cause harm to themselves. They are often ridiculed or ostracized if they tell.
It is past time that we speak up. We need to activate our power in the political realm, in the justice system, in our communities, in our schools, and our churches.  Hidden abuse does damage to all of us in some form or another.  When a person is hurting, they may not reach their full potential and that effects all of us. There is forgiveness and healing is possible but it has to be addressed to be prevented.
Here are three things I want to reinforce from current events:
(1) Never take advantage of anyone.
(2) Always know where you are going and if possible, who else will be there.
(3) Let someone know where you are going and with whom, text a friend or relative the address. Leave a trail!
*If you sense something is wrong, trust your instinct. Don’t go or leave as soon as it is safe to do so. Tell. Tell. Tell. Do not keep quiet.
I am a SURVIVOR of sexual assault. I win because I survived! In the heat of the moment, your survival is the only priority. You do what you have to in order to live. You are a hero. I say that to any person who has been assaulted. You are strong! You can move beyond the abuse and live a good life!! I know.
My concern now is prevention.
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