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I am so glad that prayer is a central part of my life.  Yesterday we got a call from the school that my son had cut his head on the playground.  Anytime the words “cut his head” are used, it does not sound good. I put down the phone and told my husband. He is retired now and I work from home.  The school nurse said on the phone that he may need stitches. “Stitches”, this was getting worse as she talked.

We made it to the school, signed in and went straight to the nurse’s office.  She was wiping blood from his forehead but, surprisingly, my son was not alarmed.  He stood there as she put antiseptic on a large band-aid and carefully applied it to his wound.  She told us she wanted us to see it before she covered it.  It was about a 3 inch gash above his eye.  She had given him an ice pack to apply to it.  He stood there calm, with a big smile as his dad and I entered the nurse’s office.  As we were leaving he says, “I need my backpack”. That was a good sign to me.  He was okay.

We went to his pediatrician’s office and was seen in a few minutes by one of the doctors in the clinic. He was a kind, young doctor, who had terrific bedside manner that put my son and us at ease.  He explained that it would probably leave a scar but would heal rather quickly whether he used stitches or skin glue.  We chose the glue. In 10 minutes, we were out of there.

We had a very pleasant day the rest of the day.

I am grateful that I chose to pray that morning as I try to do every morning, instead of rushing into my day.  But yesterday morning, I stayed a little longer in prayer.  I took time to center myself in the Word of God, to meditate on scripture, to say Thank You for the many blessings that come our way.  It was just after this that the phone rang, I saw the number from the school and immediately knew something was wrong.  I was in the right frame of mind and prayed as we drove to pick up our son. I believe that prayer laid the foundation for a peaceful and positive outcome.

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