Self-Care is a Necessity

We can’t give from an empty vessel. Our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health are what gives us the inner resources to live fulfilling lives. Taking care of yourself is an act of love. What do you enjoy? What helps you to relax, be calm? What are you passionate about? What brings you joy?

Often we, especially women want to be there for the ones we love, and we put our own well-being on the back burner. It’s often when we get sick, depressed, or irritable, or overwhelmed that we realize our lives are out of balance.

Somewhere we were sold a bill of goods that said to love means putting others before yourself. I believe that I’m better able to share my gifts when I’m whole. When I’m not stressed, or exhausted. When I’m full of joy and energy, I’m better—I’m a better mother. A better spouse. A better sister, and friend.

When I’m at least trying to eat right, exercise, pray, rest, laugh, and just be a an individual, I feel better.

Self-care is not selfish, it’s necessary.

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