I grew up on an old farm in south Arkansas.  The town is Emerson, the community is known as Noxubee.  Our house was two miles away from our nearest neighbor.  There were days with no heat, almost very little food, and not seeing others outside our family for months except when we went to school.  My mother suffered from depression, a diagnosis that we did not know of when I was young.  She spent most of her days in her bedroom, reliving past hurts, or raging in anger.  I was the oldest of four children.  My job was taking care of my siblings.  I managed to graduate from high school with honors and joined the Air Force immediately after. We love our mother dearly.

Following the Air Force, I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in clinical counseling from Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia.  I enjoy writing and cooking.  I’ve worked as a program director for at risk youths and a mental health counselor before becoming a full-time writer. I have published 3 books and my third one, “Brave: A Memoir”, was released on January 26, 2017. I am married with two children and currently reside in Camden, Arkansas.

“Brave: A Memoir” and my other books are available at Amazon and all major bookstores.




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