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“Brave” A Memoir


Tells my story of growing up in poverty and isolation and my path to success.

It is an inside look from a family on welfare,  including how food stamps, Medicaid, WIC vouchers, and government commodities helped us survive. It also chronicles emotional abuse and depression. A story of victory.  Of rebuilding self-esteem.

Release Date:  January 26, 2017

*Down South: A Collection of Recipes from My Mother”    is a cookbook  with home style  recipes that I learned as a girl by being in the kitchen with my mother.  Creativity, order, generosity , are some  of the things she taught me. This along with how to make cornbread, banana pudding, cook collard greens and so much more.

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*Unlikely Billionaire  is a story of a young woman’s rise from poverty to become a billionaire in the food industry. It’s a short, easy read. Inspirational.  Motivational Fiction.  Ebook.

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